Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So we apologize that we haven't written in quite a while. We don't always have internet access. Anyway, since we wrote last we have traveled quite far, learned quite a few things, and have more than quite a few people to thank. It's difficult to remember as we pass through so many towns and meet so many people but we'll do our best to be as thorough as possible and at some point hope to post more photos.

In Ohio: we met Barb and Hope and their beautiful Icelandic horses. When the forecast called for tornadic activity, they kept us out of the weather, fed us, and got us back on the road when the warnings had passed.

We came across two other cross-country cyclists, Adam and Paul who were riding to get bikes for the children of our service men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. We shared a room, some food, and had a great time swapping stories and giving/receiving advice.

We also need to thank Beth from Bryan, OH for the amazing hospitality, kindness, and breakfast!

In Indiana, it was Pops Butz (who I stayed with when I was walking through) who put us up and made us feel right at home. Thanks also to his grandson John, for all his help getting us back on the road.

When we had a little tire trouble near Nappanee, Indiana it Jospeh Miller and his family at Burlington Bike Shop who fixed us up free of charge and got us on our way again.

We met two really wonderful guys at a gas station in Walkerton, thanks for all the help and for going out of your way to help two complete strangers!

Thanks to Paul from Gary, Indiana for the food, kindness, and hospitality and for helping get back on track!

When it rains it pours and when we ran into some bike trouble (flat tires, popped tubes, and a broken spoke) in a very short span we had some really amazing folks who gave up their time and opened their homes and hearts to us. God was really watching over us and we want to say thanks Vic for everything and thanks to Paulette and Brett for helping us get our bikes repaired and getting us back on the road and where we needed to be.

There are of course plenty of other people who have helped make this trip possible and countless others who send good thoughts and prayers our way! Thank you to our families, Ekta and Janene who call or email often to check in and encourage us and send their love and support!

Joe and Greg

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  1. You guys are for sure going to beat us! Glad things seem to be going well Joe. We think about you daily. In Missouri now, having a great time. Best of luck the rest of the way!
    ~Meghan and the Bike For Books gang