Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hats off to heat rash, headwinds, and hills - that terrible triumvirate attempted to stymie, threaten, and plague us (like the ghost of Kerouac's cousin on our heels, the sword of Damocles above our heads, and the gaze of a milky, pale blue eye of the albatross around our necks) across Iowa and Nebraska. However, we're making our way - ahead of schedule - thanks to:

Pastor John and his wife Judy
Jim from the First Christian Church
Bob Moore
Cindy, Jim, and Zach

Thank You!


  1. It is nice to be reminded in this crazy world that when it comes right down to it, people are good especially when you are doing something good! Hats off to you and everyone who is helping you accomplish your goal as you make your journey. Your story is truly inspiring!
    Keep on trekking!!! Sharon

  2. You two guys are doing such a great thing! The fundraising for one thing, but the spreading of the word and touching so many folks along the way, that's immeasurable! Prayers for your continued safe travel!