Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 5: Border Crossing

It was a great day, we covered quite a few miles (not quite 100) and met some really really wonderful people. In the morning we set out from Pennsylvania and in the afternoon crossed the border into Ohio. Before we reached the border however, we were lucky enough (if you believe in luck) to run into Debbie Lewis (our Guardian Angel posing as a representative from Cannondale) she invited us into her home and onto her farm to play with the animals (pictures to follow) and provided us with enough biking gear to make it across the country comfortably and safely! We can't express enough how grateful and truly blessed we are to have met her.

After we reached Ohio we met up with Tamara and Bob (who I met three years earlier when walking across the country). They let us clean up, fatten up, and rest up and showed us the meaning of hospitality.

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  1. Hi Joe and Greg,
    I'm glad things are going well so far. Even your rough weather was a God send because it allowed you to meet Debbie Lewis, which was definitely a good thing! A big thank you to Debbie for caring for my boys!
    Good luck guys on your journey today - keep hydrated and watch yourselves.